We are not asking for names of rockstars but we were thinking that if we hear stories about hundreds of women these rockstars had sex with, then there must be a story or two.To be a groupie you have a xxx- thing with a famous person one or maybe a few times and then you go home with the memory you carry around like a treasure for the rest of your life! Any good groupie loves the music so much it’s part of her bloodstream…

Girls get their hearts broken all the time. I figured, if I was going to get my heart broken, I’d rather it be broken by someone like Mick Jagger or Keith Moon.
‘pamela des barres'

But some of them last forever and become icons or muses on their own. Without them some of the most amazing songs wouldn’t exist.That is why we want to pay tribute to them with our very first collection called I'M WITH THE BAND